OPSO Dining invites you to experience the renowned Greek and warm Arabian hospitality through its carefully-crafted menu inspired by traditional and contemporary Greek tastes complemented by a resplendent setting.

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Selection of Greek 'marshmallows'

Choco Truffles D, N

Dark chocolate ganache, ginger, star anise, cardamom

Feta Kataifi D, V

Fried feta in kataifi phyllo, thyme honey, sesame seeds



Cod roe spread, Kalamata olive

OPSO Hummus

Crispy Chickpeas & tahini spread with freshly ground za'atar

Skordalia N

Rye bread & garlic spread, walnuts

Tzatziki D, V

Greek yoghurt & garlic spread cucumber, dill

Served with:

Koulouri & Milk Curd D, V               

Pitta Bread V                                   

Sourdough Bread & Olives v          

Sourdough Bread v                         


OPSO Sashimi

Sea bream, fresh thyme, chive oil, lemon zest

Fish & Greens

In-house cured mackerel, pickled spicy peppers, grilled kale

Greek Salad Ceviche

Sea bass, chilli, Greek salad 'tigers milk'


Dakos Salad D, V

Olive oil rusks, cherry tomatoes, barrel-matured feta, capers, red onion, Kalamata olives

Grilled Lettuce D, V

Charred iceberg lettuce, crumbled feta, spring onion, mascarpone curd, dill

Greek Coleslaw Salad V

Red & green cabbage, iceberg, quinoa, spring onion, apple cider vinegar, dill


OPSO Baklavas D, N

Pistachio praline, cinnamon & clove phyllo crisps, caramelized walnuts, pistachio ice cream

Moustokoulouro Ice Cream Sandwich D, N

Milk chocolate molasses soft cookie, walnuts, caramel sauce, salted caramel ice cream

Kataifi Strawberry Cheesecake D, N

Kataifi phyllo, labneh cheesecake, homemade strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, pistachio

Apple Crumble D

Baked red apples, salted caramel - chocolate sauce, cinnamon crumble, cinnamon ice cream

Chocolate Madness D

Dark chocolate mi-cuit, sour cherry sweet spoon, vanilla ice cream


Wild Chips

Hand cut chips, wild oregano


Yellow fava bean spread, red onion, crispy capers

Metsovone Croquette O,V

Smoked fried cheese, homemade rhubarb jam

Tigania D

Glazed lemon-oregano chicken thigh, mascarpone

Maniatiki D, V

Handmade pasta, brown butter, metsovone cheese, egg sunny side up

Ladenia D, V

Olive oil flat bread, cherry tomatoes, galomizithra cream cheese, red onion, green capsicum, Kalamata olives


Feta Saganaki D, V

Baked feta cheese, green capsicum wilted cherry tomatoes

Soft Barrel Matured Feta D, V

OPSO exclusive, creamy feta cheese, olive oil flat bread crisps


Pastitsio D

Beef ragout, béchamel sauce, graviera cheese

Metsovo D

Metsovone smoked cheese, beef bresaola, arugula

Tigania D

Glazed lemon oregano chicken, mascarpone


OPSO Mousakas D

Grilled eggplant, slowly braised beef ragout, béchamel, potato crisps

Veggie Mousakas D, V

Lentil ragout, grilled aubergine, fried potatoes, graviera cheese, béchamel sauce

Hunkiar Begendi

Slow cooked beef, tomato and cumin sauce, smoky eggplant puree

Lamb Shank Giouvetsi D

Slow cooked lamb shank, tomato-lemongrass orzo, graviera cheese, chives

Lemon-Oregano Chicken D

Boneless crispy skin chicken thigh, buttery mashed potato crumbled feta, charred baby gem


Prawns & hylopites pasta, lemongrass, cherry tomatoes, dill

Catch of the day Fricassee D

Pan seared fish fillet, herb crust, wilted greens, fennel salad, egg & lemon sauce

Kleftiko' D

Papillote style lamb neck fillet, roasted potatoes, feta cheese, Florinis red peppers

(D) - Contains Dairy - (N) - Contains Nuts - (V) - Vegetarian

All prices are in UAE Dirhams and are subject to 5% VAT surcharge as per UAE law.

Sunday to Saturday – 10am – 12am